To Another Horizon

There's an infinite line that I can always see, 
between that sky and sea.
People used to call it horizon.

As I move further, I still can see that horizon.
Somehow, it looks all the same for me.
But I guess, actually it's different. :)
Sailing too long,
swimming too fast,
without taking a breath for a while,
sometime I just forget,
that 'hey.... I've been this far.'

And actually,
have been stepping towards another horizon
I've never imagined before,
that's just beautiful,
and great.
Well I'll keep sailing.
I'll keep swimming.
And this time,
i wont forget
to take breath
even just a while
to enjoy each moment of this journey.

that All the time, You are Good.


Redefined. Repackaged. Remembered.