Go Wide (enough), Now, Focus.

When i was 'young', i used to explore lots of 'places.' I may just walk, sit, run, even stay for a couple times.
Lots of peple said to me, "That's fine. Go explore the world, and then find the 'one' you want to be focus with."
And along with that journey I always kept that as a denial to myself,
'It's just an exploration, that's fine, I'm still young.'
But now? I know I'm still this young, but maybe not that 'young' anymore. :p
It's not about the age, but I think, it's time for me to start to focus in one thing.

The funny thing is, it's easy to write down things i love, but when it comes to 'sort', to focus, to be specific, well.. you have to wait.. -.-
I am still in my rough shape to mention, the 'things' i have to focus with.

This cool book I just read, '8 to be Great' (written by Richard St. John), mentioned that 'the 3rd tips to be great is being focus. And among the 500 great people he has interviewed, they can mention their specification of major, in less than 5 words.'

Bill Gates - Focus in Software PC
Albert Einstein - Focus in Relativity
Martha Stewart - Focus in Household Activity
Michael Jordan - Focus in Basketball Dunk
Marthin Luther King Jr. - Focus in Civilization Right

And me? What is my 'real' expertise?

I used to say that my passion is in media, writing, creative ideas, and building people.
But i think it's still spreaded in puzzle pieces. I still have to connect all the pieces.
I am on my way to integrate that.
I am on my way to be focus, and set my commitment.

And when the time come, sure I'll tell you.
Won't take that long, I guess.
I can feel it. :)

Redefined. Repackaged. Remembered


  1. Perhaps, there're also people who focus in every little thing. Well, I know that can't be call "focus", but sometimes it'd great to have knows-some-about-many focus thing :D


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