My Blogging Debts...

Since blogging has been my therapy yet internal friend, having lot of 'topic' debts to be written is such a nightmare for me. :*((((( No time, no mood, no energy have been my greatest beautiful excuses so far. But honestly, i don't wanna be trapped in this situation deeper and deeper. If we really wanna do something, actually we'll find a way rite? And since when i become a miss excuse? Come on~
So, let's write, and here i am. Miss you so damn much, LLL!
Let's enjoy this ride again! I'm back! and will accomplish this list, a.s.a.p!
Deadline: during this month, March 2011!

i guess i am a truly deadliners~ :p

DREAM Unlimited, LEARN the Unexpected, ACT Unconditionally


  1. Lol..i can't imagine mine :P

  2. valeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn huhuhuhuhu.....miss u so much, sis..
    how r u? will u have easter holiday?

    It seems months since my last post. I went thru lots of things, but i'm just not in the mood of writing it.

    i tend to keep it lately :P


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