And the Drama Goes

Honestly, I've never had any kind of intention, that in this new chapter of my life, I'll meet a kind of drama I maybe never have in this entire life *hyperbolic.
But yea, what other story did you expect from taking master degree in a university with label 'difficult' or 'assignments like hell'? Ambitious environment, tight competence, good networking? I've got 'em. Yes. :)
But i forget or maybe never expect the other thing.

Drama. Story hapenned among human's relationship. Story about taste, mind, and feeling. There is similarity, difference, needs, desire, and maybe destiny, too. The question is, what will we do next?
Free falling? Running away as fast as we can? Or just, let it be?

Me, myself, now I learn, to just walk.
My golden compass is my own heart, my own motivation, my own intention.

I choose to throw away any theories, any strategies, or any experiences i may have had.
I'm not that smart person and don't wanna be that kind of strategic ladies.
This is me, a kind of human that just wanna be honest with any kind of life i wanna walk in.
Yes, feelings and desires are human's natural right.
Decision and choice follows, too.
For me, good people and good heart deserved to accept fairness.
And that's what i'm taking now.

I don't mind with either people's thought or perception about me.
Because at the end, there's no one can measure someone's heart and mind, better than ourselves.

Maybe it's shifting into a drama stories, why not?
Protagonist and Antagonist will just exist in stereotypical-inferior soap opera.
Each character actually has his/ her dualism side rite?

I'm far away from perfect, but I learn my best to just walk with good heart.
Isn't that enough?
It's rethorical question. And just let it be that kind of way.

DREAM Unlimited, LEARN the Unexpected, ACT Unconditionally


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