Sentimental Saturday

It was me alone at Saturday, inside my room, revised, my sanctuary. 
The sky was bit drizzling, I could hear the rhytmic groove of the rain.

Once, my mom called and asked,  
"What will you do, tonite? Will you go with your friend or housemate?"

"No, i think i'll spend this weekend alone."

"Is it okay to spend a sunday nite alone?"

"What's not okay with being alone at sunday nite?" I answered.

a sip of coffee, music oh music.
with a little take of vox...
 oh yes, jazz and bloggies~
flip to the flop, let's have some records~
Tees, Mr. K, and Magz
ripped and hooded hanging on...
~For clear reasons, i exactly know that i am a people person. I love to be involved among people, having a chit chat with friends or at least people. But lately, i know i have to get used with this circumstance. And also, i'm kinda enjoy these moments. Jazzy tunes, silence everywhere around, lazy times, myself. Kinda hard to have this kind of privacy at my home. :) Glad to have this Sats.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.