Farewell. Pamit.

Mungkin bagi sebagian orang, terdengar lebay juga, pake acara farewell, pamit-pamit segala. Memang dua hari lagi saya akan bertolak ke ibukota untuk mulai menempuh studi lanjut. Namun, yang perlu digaris bawah i, saya akan pergi dari 21 Oktober hingga sekitar 10 Desember 2010 saja, untuk tahun ini. :D Yang artinya, hanya sekitar 6 minggu. Karena matrikulasi perkuliahan memang berakhir pada 10 Desember 2010, dan trimester utama baru dimulai 10 Januari 2011 mendatang. :D Ohya, saya juga 'cuman' pergi ke Jakarta, dengan kurun waktu studi penuh 1,5 tahun.

Bagi saya sendiri, farewell atau acara pamitan juga bukan sekedar formalitas atau rutinitas atau ajang bermellow ria. Saya paham, dunia maya beserta social network memang sangaaaaaat membantu proses komunikasi jarak jauh. Namun, buat orang yang doyan bergaul, ngobrol intim, dan ketemu dengan orang-orang dekat, jarak tetap memberikan 'perbedaan' tersendiri. Jadi ya, hitung-hitung syukuran next step journey of my life sekaligus ultah seminggu mendatang plus yaa itu tadi acara pamit-pamit an, 2 minggu terakhir ini, hampiiir setiap malam, sudah ada acara kumpul-kumpul di jadwal saya. Well, secara kronologis, inilah....
10/10/10. With CCD, @ Hare n Hater after Kayangan
CCD is a group of creative and artsy people, they're all from DKV Petra, except me. :D

 11/10/10. With old blogger fellas , @ XXI Mall. 
blogger fellas is our little community in blogging -blogspot- world.

*Actually i want to take photo at photobox, unfortunately the machine had a problem. 
And right after we asked a employee at XXI mall, one of my friend who were a photographer came and asked me, "Haii!!! Would you like me to take a pic for you?" OMG! XDDDD

14/10/10. with DesTUNie's Child @ TP. 
so here's ValenciTUN, a journalism student, 
jessicaTUN, a broadcast TV student, 
and Miss desiTUN, a journalism lecturer.
Most of all, we discuss and share about social-communication world, people, and our own-stuff. :D

 17/10/10. with Ucucucucucu. @ Pisa Cafe Manyar
we've been friends since our 3rd year in Junior High School.
At Universities, each of us took the different major, and usually, we met just once in a semester.
But in these 4-5 months, we sucessfully did our promise, met once in a month!

 this box were made for Ubeth at 2006. We gave it to her when she went to Swiss for her bachelor degree. Last year i borrowed for her, and just gave back to her, at this October 2010! 
Wow, it's been 4 years!

17/10/10. with Ko Rudi- Ce Nice- Edward @Mall. 
Ko Rudi and Ce Nice were my leader and mentor in Worship Team. 
And lately, I've also been a good buddy with their little boy, Edward!

While his parents bought the food, Edward and I took this pic! 
Auntie gonna miss your smile and handwriting!
He used to play with my water bottle, open that, then asked me to drink, closed the tube, then repeated that again and again~ 
 18/10/10. with Gajah Gangster. @Boliva Gubeng
Gajah Gangster is my gank in Communciation Science, Petra Christian University. This gank is fulfilled with 9 crazy women from different background with each uniqueness!

 We want to celebrate San-San n Tya B'day then my farewell moment.
These 9 cupcakes were really cute!

Sadly the 3 of us couldn't make this meeting. Icha were ill, Tya and Ditha had a family business.
However, the 6 of us still could make a noissseeeee!!! 
*this thumb symbolized 'elephant' in 'suit' Japanese game!

the Birthday girl and the -soon will go- girl~

 19/10/10. with Super Cell Group @ Calvados.
This Super Cell Group was lead by that marvelous lady in yellow shirt, Miss Debbie!
Will gonna miss you guys!

I do have so muccchh moments with you guys! Again, maybe for some people,  how i value this  'farewell' may sound 'lebay' and unimportant. But, for me, thanks for being part of my life, until this new step of my journey! 
I am so blessed and thankful, for the chance i can meet lots of people from different background, environment, and having a bond with them. Thank youuu for enriching my world!
See you guys again in the next 1,5 months!

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. You're good, but you're going to be great.
    You're the best, but you're going to get better.
    Cross your bridges.
    Meet your challenges.
    Reach out for your dreams,
    and bring them closer
    and closer to your heart ♥

    :) you're so lucky surrounded by all the warmth of love here!
    but i guess you will meet more people and more adventure there!
    have fun dear!!


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