Today's Gooday

Gladly, i almost back to my busy day, when i should have today's to-do list to be completed.
and i also wanna try to count my blessings, day by day.
Well it's not just about the amount, but the meaning. How meaningful, how 'lucky' my life to be blessed more and more, every single day. In some point, i may start with the negative things i've had today, but, 'll end with the blessings one!

1. Gaido fail send my graduation certificate. I've sent by it since 11 days ago to my next uni, Prasmul, but it has not been received till today. 3 days ago i've complained to Gaido, no response, and today they said, "the address is not clearly written. -.- So ridiculous.. I've sent couple times by Gaido with the same address. Okay, stop complaining.
*the good point is, Hey, don't i notice, 3 weeks again, i will really go to Prasmul, i reach the dream, the short-term goal i wish to God last year. Will this little-tiny problem ruin that whole-big-cool picture?? And well, someday, i think i should face the fact that Gaido or other shipping service will do a mistake like this. And it's time to learn, how to handle this situation. I learn to be pay more attention to each detail in sending document like this case (the address, contact person, postal code, even the phone number!)

2. My throat is getting better today. Thanks God, mommy, and the medicine. Lately, with this sexy (if hot is just soo old to describe that) weather, my health easily get drop. Well, i count this as my 'exercise' while i have to face this alone in Jakarta. With no mommy, no family, no comfortable zone. :) So thanks for this exercise, G!

3. Having my last project in Krispen, handling the creative event for Youth Sunday's worship 2 weeks again. I will do some in-depth interviewing, via broadcast. :) Well, the problem is, i gotta really short time, and some crews seem not so supportive. But, hey, i'm back to my world. The journalism world, interviewing person, digging the deep conversation with suitable news value, listening people's inspiring story, and trying to represent that to the audience. It's your dream, rite! It's your passion, rite! Be thankful for this chance. And yes, this may be my last project here, so I'll do my best!

4. Thank you for good health system i have, the air, the water, the food, the home, the room, the PC, lappies, blackberry, internet service, the family, friend, dreams, purpose, mystery, ideas, and chance to enjoy all of these GOOD things in life.

5. Thank you for the mystery you give to my life. Though somehow i may feel like walking or dancing in uncertainity, have a weirdo feeling, think about the person without knowing the reason. That truly means, i am originally a woman, maybe that's one of the main reason, why you create me as a woman. :D Also, this means, i'll surrender all of this to you. The storyline, since the alpha until the omega, it's yours. I know it will be a good story. Best script and best picture for me!

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. great, Len...
    i like this post...
    givethanks to The Lord in everything...

  2. it may be your last project in our church THIS YEAR :) but in years to come, i believe I'll c u again in ministry here...gonna miss u, len

  3. @nov:thanks!

    @bee: sure, gonna miss you too!


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