Quote from My Loveline

"I love the way he save the goal for his team."
"He plays basketball and he smiles to me, twice!"

"Most of all, i like your eyes."

"You're so cool, and I'm so live. I think we're match."

"I just know there is a kind guy with that way of thinking like you, in this high school."

"You're 12 years younger than me, huh? And I use that fact for protecting me from you."

"Actually, what am i to you? You treat me like a kid but also what?"

"You capture my heart. Won't you think about it first?"

"He seems so familiar, just like my bestfriend."

"You're an easy-going girl, I like you. What kind of guy do you like?"

"How can you say you love me if you always misinterpret about me?"

"I wanna sing for you, would you mind?"

"If Letting Go is my only language to love you, I'll sincerely talk like this."
"So long, thank you for being my best friend."

"I'm Dancing with the mystery."

**words, randomly, based on my love journey, 2000-2010.  :) 
Thank you for each story, actor, words, and moment. 
I learn and grow up from each of them!

   The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. Len..maksud e opo iku?
    hihihi... =p
    penuh tanda tny niihh... wkwkwkwk...

  2. hehehe.. coba diinterpretasi dan, apa maksudnya.. :D
    kalo dijelaskan secara gamblang, point of art nya jadi hilang nanti. :D

  3. huohohohoho... ic ic, Len...
    wkwkwkwk... =p


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