I'm Getting My Head Back.

i think i'm back now.
hope it's for good. ;)

after last night chit chat with a close friend (regarded as my sister), i found lots of reasons to just be still.
Why do i have to hurry or worry (good rhyme btw.. :p)
the strange point is, i almost don't say anything about my story. I just listen to her story about many experience int this kind of story. Then, i just got the point.

i surrender all the things i know to this nature
time, place, and the universe.
please test this.

Honestly, i still don't know where this will go.
Where is the end of this story.
but i think now is different.
I'm relieved.

Just because, it's the time, to know.
And that's it.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. Good that you have relieved...

    hurry and worry not good :P


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