the Mushy me

i never realized how weak i am.
as a human.
that also created with mind and heart,
that also may be hurt.

i may be very tough with pressure 
in work life
school life
but not, with close people around me.
specially, family.

the one i always think,
supposed to be my closest people in the world
the one who know me best.
know my will, my motivation,
my behaviour, the story behind my decision,
my way of thinking, my whatever.

tonite, i know how mushy i am.
how 'weak' i am,
if it's about family.
if it's about hurting or being hurted by family.

just a simply one word,
one thought,
one statement.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. the most potential person that can hurt us is our closest person...hope u will restore soon...Run to Daddy


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