the little girl's thought

from my childhood since now,
I'm just a little girl
who always love to ask
about anything i want to know
i need to find reasons
the why and how,
to please my curiosity.

clueless and answerless
kind of having no direction
the more i think i go further
the more i know deeper about the storm

i still believe
and maybe i always believe
with this kiddish soul
*i wanna keep until the day i die
that the good purpose is made for me
is ready to be chased

i flick my wing to the horizon
do u have the same horizon just like me?
do u fly in the same way just like me?
do the wind and the rain will at the end bring us to the horizon?
or, with you, i have to move my horizon?

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.