My Lil' Bro Has Grown Up!

Last Sunday, I spent noon with all my siblings, fully loaded! It's like the 1st time the four of us go together for shopping! Usually, full team is just for dinner. So, I was pretty excited last sunday. Oh yea, that time, we asked Jaya, the lil' bro to join the shopping time, to look for a cool suit for him for my Graduation's photo session, and my lil sis 17th bday party.
And yess.. Jaya was accompanied by 4 cool fashion stylish: my mom, my elder sis, me, and my lil sis.
And we'd already set the style and the shopping list:

1. Dark Casual Blazer
2. white V-neck shirt
3. Dark jeans

And yesss.. we are totally amazed with his look on the formal style.. wewww.. You're so growing up my lil' bro! You look really cool! :D
Be a good boy yha!!!

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.