Lifeline*, Easily Changes.

*based on my true experience and observation in my life so far.
The one popular guy while i'm junior-high school
the one who looks cool @ basketball yard
have no motivation in classroom (and still looks cool?)
easily get attention from girls
now, end up
maybe still have this handsome face and body
but not that charm
at least not for a growing up ladies

The typical popular lady
in high school
cool stuffs, fashionable, and surrounded by boy-fans everywhere
now, end up
of course prettier and more fashionable than before
waiting in the queue of 'rich-single-heir' guy
and being that kind of stereotypical lady
the one that the world says, 'beautiful.'

The 'it' gank in high school
fulfilled with beautiful creatures
wearing branded fashion item and yea, high price
fulfilled with backstabbing activities
good talks in front
bad talks in back
the veiled rivalry

The not so popular guy
kind of nerdie
have no popular friend
not going to the popular major of university
but stick to the major he loves
responsible and hardworking
has a future laid in front of him

I think there still are more story of changing lifeline i've seen so far.
I'm sure, 10 or 20 years more from now,
I'll watch lots of another changing lifeline
What i learn so much from those stories are:
What we have now doesn't determine our future.
But, What we think, decide, and keep doing, will change.

So, I'm thankful for what i have now.
My look, fashion style, interest, activities, friends, families, studies, and so on.
tested by years, all of them are growing up together,
and helps me know how wonderful my life is.
I won't be too comfort if i have a good one, the adorable one.
I'll keep doing my best. 
And of course, share it well to others.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.