the L team

Round and round in this maze
beyond reason
it's all about surprise
don't i just dare to free fall?
to follow this groove?
dance with the mystery
and make friends with faith

Fly away
up to the blue sky
steady on the whitey cloud
and stepping the ground
fantasy among reality
dreaming like we're living forever
between yes or no
now or never

Where i am now?
in the middle of somewhere new
somehow strange

We walk, we meet, we come up
we think we know
but maybe we never understand
maybe it's time
maybe it's not
maybe it's right
maybe it's not
maybe we'll never know
maybe someday we'll know

Surely this coinscience know?
I wonder how
I wonder when
I wonder why
hope, faith, and love.
let's make a great team.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.