Dear Bloggie

Dear bloggie,

You remind me how confuse I've been,
about choosing a way,
and how much I've relieved now,
since that dilemma times.

You remind me how hurt it was
to be obey and lose my ego
and what good things hapenned
after i've done that

You remind me how this step began
from one to another 'coincidence'
that brings me
to a great, massive, and cool plan ahead.

You remind me
How far I've come
How many steps I've taken
and How amazing journey I've walked through
not just by myself,
But by an amazing grace.

Dear bloggie,
You know my journey, better than i thought before.
I wanna keep sharing this journey with you.
I hope you won't mind, as always. :p

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. Hahahaa...nice pic...

    Sampe dibikono karya tulis ttg bloggie gini...emang kalo liat blogmu ini bener2 punya peranan penting di hidupmu yo...salah satunya pelampiasan emosi dan yang paling penting bisa inspire people =)

    like usual,

  2. haha.. iya vin.. aku terakhir itu suka bongkar2 archive blog dan nemu banyak hal yang sudah kulewati.. hal2 yang dulu terasa sangat berat ternyata sudah bisa kulewati.. LLL helps me to be thankful about what I've been through so far.


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