My Best Villain Is My Best Person*?

~*Inspired from Mere and Yang's connection in Grey's Anatomy TV Series, i like to call people around i can't lean on, as my 'person.' I think, it's deeper and cuter than 'buddies', friends, or besties.

I still remember, one day, one of my 'person', which is my friends since junior high, asked me.
"Hmm.. so, who is the most influenced person in ur life?"

I kindly, answered, "My Older Sister. She's like... the one who make me growing up as today. She's the most powerful influence people in my life, since my childhood."

"How come?," she asked.

"Well.. we don't have that 'so sweet' childhood. Our childhood is fullfilled with blood (in methaphore, and somehow in the denotation way :p) and haters stuff. I grow up as a tough human under those kind of pressures and fights, and somehow, yeah.. the power of revenge."

"Ou, so you count her as a villain, strengthened and streched yourself. That's one kind of unique relationship..."

A Villain?
I think that was a good methaphore and term to describe our relationship. :D Yeah. Weirdo but correct. Though she had been my biggest enemy and revenge so long i've lived in this world, i can't deny, because of that, every experienced with her, makes me as i am today.
From her, i really really know, what is the real meaning of FORGIVING, be generous to take first action to change, release all my rights, and learn to keep obeying and respect someone who is older than me (without any excuse).
And at last, learn to have a faith, to believe that God really have a best plans, to place her, as my older sister. 

And looking back what i've passed from those days on...

The day i start to take that revenge.
The day i start to take a forgiveness.
The day i start to have the biggest fight ever in the world
The day i start to keep on walking in that everlasting journey.
The day i start to amaze, with our small 'chemistry'
*which still ends with dissenssion -.-
and The day i start to smile, and can imagine
what is the future relationship ahead between me and her.

She's the main reason, why i can know the existence of You, Daddy.
She's the main and real proof I've experienced, that Your true love is exist.

Thanks Daddy. I know i can never be until this second, without You.
And for you, my best (still) villain.
Thanks. You're the main reason i can know Daddy J (in history and reality).

Thank you for being my person.
For All this time. :)

*Talking about villain. While watching the Dark Knight, somehow i felt, Joker really now the other side of Batman very well. :) 
Well somehow, the best villain in the world also the creature, who's been really know us better. 
Maybe because, we're that close, in the narrow line, between love or hate.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.