A Mild Day

  • watching cool serials
  • 8 hours -nite- sleeping
  • no Sunday's service today
  • completing email stuff
  • 2 hours napping
  • preparing 8,5 kgs thesis, and the documents... 
  • visiting my 1st new niece!
  • laying on my bed~ while the sky is raining :)
The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. As I call it, just another lazy Sunday... :p I'm missing my me-time. Life's been a bit hectic lately. Hope all will subside in the near future. A beautiful picture, btw! The colors are just unbelievable. Hope the rains would go away, I'm missing spring.

  2. hehe... hope you'll enjoy your you-time, soon! :)
    i like raindrops in the evening, but spring in the sunset time is very beautiful. :)


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