I Wish part X

Ran: 'Shinichi, what will you do, if you suspect your close person as the doer?'
Shinichi: 'Of course, I'll do anything, research, collect proof, again, and again, more and more, to ensure, if he is the doer.'
(Detective Conan, vol.8 case Baron Night)

I Wish I'm just dreaming
playing a Sherlock Game.
investigating and collecting proof
going to place i've never stepped before
and faking identity,
to do some undercover research
Then, making a hypothesis
and asking the truth to Mr.Suspect,
bravefully, confidentally.

O yea, when i was a kid, age 9 maybe, I wrote 'being detective' as my dream. :)
When i was 20, i kinda fulfilled it on a Investigative Writing class.
Thrilling with the fear feeling when collecting proof and data was so fun.
Now, when i am almost 22, i don't wanna be detective anymore.
I can't strongly handle the Subjectivity and private thought.
In the game, class, or simulation, that's great.
In a reality, no.

I wish it's just a game. 
A dream of a little kid. 
A storyline of a thrilling comic books or movie.
I wish.
And I pray.
I wake up in real reality.
No Sherlock play. Just a true and (bit bitter)sweet truth.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


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