the -fall apart- things may be a not so good things.
that -other- things, can be a very good things.
I hope and believe that! :)

These last month had been full of tension and pressure and exhaustion.
*i guess i've underestimated my thesis before.. -.-
never realize it isn't as easy as i've thought it'll be..
then couple stuffs (or problems) also hapenned,
couple tasks also need to be done.
all mixed up... in the same time.

gladly, now, i'm here. staying in my bed, with Goldie on my lap, and writing this post.
here's some of the results:

  1. I've passed my Sidang Mandiri of my thesis today! Quite well! Have some revision, lots about neatness in quoting and using paragraph (oh so meee.. :) ). Also, i've to put another analysis style i've put in the theory chapter (i forget to delete that theory since i'm not using that in analysis chapter.. -.-)
  2. I've finished Toddie vol. 15 deadline yesterday!!!!
  3. I'm done being a one day Sherlock! Though i've done a fully-loaded preparation, finally I decide to not doing investiagation. Because one and another things... i conclude.. maybe the best way, is just doing until 'this' step I've done. :) (gladly, i feel peace with this)
  4. Waiting for the Sidang Skripsi's scedhule (my lecturer said it will be posted in saturday)
somehow i bit amazed how i can reach this day, well enough. :)
thanks for your blessing Daddy.
thanks for your best timing and plan.
also, thanks for my deary friends who always back me up.
Thanks for staying, cooling me down, keep me in logic and the right track in the middle of my distracting moments.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.