Am I done?

After this... I'll do this, and then doing that, and then....and then... and thenn.....

mmm..... lately, after i've arranged all my scedhule (until about 3 months later).... I often think like that... Doing a lot of things just because I've planned that. It's like I've been trapped in my responsibility and my private deadline..

Or maybe this is the adult thinks about?(I'm going to be 20 years old in this 2008! hohohoho)
Just... I'm not sure that was life about... Is somebody getting involved in the journey of life just to finish the deadline?

Well, now I'm trying to enjoy all of my activities, my scedhule, also the deadlines... Enjoying each moment, capturing every smiling yet the hating (mbencekno) face, and giving positive effects to antoher people's life...

I guess I'm not done
It's still a journey, a mystery
a surprising gift?
a slippery way?

And i don't want to ruin that with my strict deadlines....
keep on having desire to go go!!!!! (someone's fav statement, hwehehehehe)