Jakob Oetama - P.K. Ojong

feels like i lose half of my self~
i know someday i have to face this.
i know someday this time will come.
and just..
wish all the BEST for you.
*i mean it soo muchhh.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. we are have our own special BEST in life :)
    it always works in amazing ways.
    dun worry! :) this might also be the BEST for you! :) as like i know its the best for the other half :)

  2. Ini ya yang sama di status gtalk-mu? knapa? orangnya meninggal? He is the founder of KOMPAS rite?

  3. hehehe.. :D they two are my idol, cool dynamic duo till their end of time. i wanna be like 'em, someday, if i can. :D

  4. Both of our family still lives together in such a good harmony, I'm so glad that i found a person who admires them.
    btw i'm one of the grandchildren...

  5. wahh really?
    glad to know these dynamic duo still lives in a good harmony, until the next generation. Hi, nice to know you. Your grandfather has been one of the historical figure behind Indonesia's media world. :) I admire their chemistry so much.


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