Dedicated to You, Mr. L

I know haven't experienced you until the finish line.
But from what has happened to me so far, I do agree with this statement!

Yes, thank you love.
You are really that inspiring and makes us so special, for being a human
and has a chance to know you.
 Because You are patient and never prioritize your own ego.
Fighting for You doesn't just mean for owning you.
And also, it's not just about the 'own' thing.
It's about learning every single thing in the middle of this process.

 You believe in faith and God,
That, when it's time, He'll show his way,
that' when it's him, He'll show that You are him.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.


  1. which one ini Len? hihihi
    like this post! *gambar jempol* :)

  2. which one apanya tep?
    post ini beneran didedikasikan untuk L alias Love alias cinta itu sendiri kok. :)

  3. for the pic, as usual, check out:


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