the F***'s Deed : Disposing when Sweetless

I try to make a good term for one of my fav -real- Indonesian's phrase: 'Habis Manis Sepah Dibuang.'
It's a reality phrase about People: a human being, the highest creature with feeling, creative power, and desire.
The longer you live, as long as you interact with the same human being, the 'wider' life you'll see. I mean, the more you'll see tons of human's characteristic. Ou yea, the term 'tons' means that, you'll see maybe 1 kgs of sincerity, and 999 kgs of artificiality. Worlds are turning around. They're all seeing people by its cover.
The kind-hearted (read: foolable) cover, the seems moneyed (read: wowww rich and usable!!!) cover, the smart minded (read: idea- stealable), the bhla bhla bhlaaa which all means: F.A.K.E.
Mr. or Mr.s F just thinking about their benefit or loss. Whatever they do, the results are just for: benefit or loss.
And, of course, the worlds are smarter, richer, and better than before.
Mr or Mrs. F.A.K.E are coming to your life, with an intellectual language, a very polite treatment, thousand compliments, confident appearance, and a nice introduction. They start to impress you, from how they talk, do, think, and decide something.

I'm not a very saint person on earth. But, i still do believe in sincerity while dealing with any kind of people in this earth. I believe in the power of sincere heart. What i exactly believe is, when you sincerely do something without asking any feedback OR never creating somethings negative to others OR trying to use others for your advantage; HE, will make the best way for you.

I think, One of the Best way He've done to me is, giving me (and the other human, too), a sense, to understand the other human. However, at the end, you'll sense, who somebody is. Is she/ he that Mr/Mrs. F or not? Do we have to test that? No need.
Time and problem and benefit and loss, will naturally prove that identity! 
Pathetic world. Some says this skeptic-wise words, " the wider world you see, the narrower world you actually live." I never wanna be a pessimistic or negative thinking creature. I know I won't never be a positive person without God. And i'm not trying to just be safe living, in a narrow world and people i've known best. I know however humans aren't perfect. Even the best one i know someday will have a crash with me. But the conclusion is, I will value much much more for a sincere heart.
Than any good, great, massive, elegant, grace, saint, holy, confidence (oh please give me another zillions good or positive phrase in the world!) COVER!
I still and always believe in a sincerity. :')
I can't measure people's heart.
And that's the point.
It's about sincerity rite? Though we never know other's heart and will...
Welcome to the wider world, myself.
Live on it. And I'm sure, I'll know how valuable the 'persons' in my life. :)

Always pray the BEST for all of 'YoU'.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. 
Do good anyway in  a smart way.
*Sorry Mother Theresa, to add  those 4 words. ;p