So, Where will I go?

long time no share moments with you, bloggy....

hihihi..... seems little weird doing this things among my deadlines...

For Coline my editor in chief, I'm sorry because of prioriting to say hi to bloggy than layouting


than for my study group in Mass Communication class, I'm sorry for putting the theory assignment in last of my priority..

But at last, of course I'll finish all oh my assignment.

I just need to make sure that my relationship with bloggy is still fine. Hehehehe

So ..... bloggy.. this is my latest thoughts of my life..

Where will I go?

A few days ago I was talking with an old friend (always old friend, yea...) about her music major in university. I'd never thought that it could be so interesting. Music major. Honestly, I've never dreamt that in my mind. Yea, I don't have any gut even just to imagine or dream to become a musician. For me, dream without reality is truly impossible. And i'm kind of hating talking about impossible thing. But now I realize, those 'impossible' things were just my way, my thoughts. I chose to make that impossible in my own thought. I try to limit my world and not admitting what i really want.

I'm not trying to runaway from my track. I'm not trying to closing my eyes and walking in my own story. Yea, this is reality. But, this is still my life.

So, is it possible, to do something that I love?

As long as it doesn't bother anybody even bring goodness for everybody....

will i lived in my dreams -that'll possibly being my own purpose of life-.

Where place do you wanna reach?

A place where i can see the blue sky

and feel the easy breezy

just find, show, and then take me....