Question about life

On the night like this, (this isn;t mocca's song title) suddenly I've been involved in the interesting discussion with an old friend.
The general topic is about the mystery of life. Those questions are about what hapenned in human's life that we still don't know.
- What do you think about woman in old age who decide being single?
- Why do the people like to express their feeling into a lot of things? (writing a blog, crying, laughing, singing, drawing, etc.)
- Why do people like to show their existence?
- Do you think that actually human can live without having a deep relationship with another?
- Why do people can feel lonely?
- Can God feel bored if He has known all the things that'll happen in our life?
- Is love will last until we've dead?

We just discussed that, without knowing the right or wrong answer. In y private opinion, I guess they just the question. There is no 'true' or 'false' in answering the mystery of life. Well, sometimes we don't need to answer all the question we had in our mind. Just walk with what you believe, decide with what your heart says.
And let the mystery still being a mystery that'll enrich our journey.