2 0 0 8 p/l/a/n

Maybe i'm a little bit late to think about my target in 2008. Some say that 'fail in planning means plan to fail.' I agree with that.
So, let's make the planning... What will I reach in this 2008?

Physically, looks like i must reduce at least 3 kg more.... hwehehehe
Wish i could do that in 2 months!

And then....
For my social growth (anu....pertumbuhan sosial?) ,
- I want to get involved more in my family's company,
- expand my capabilty in music... i want to learn jazz this year! and maybe stop in classic, trying another new instrument? (saxophone maybe, hwehe)
- seriously in learning chinese
- starting to give a music course (piano, guitar). not only adding my income but also exploring more about music
- learning more about accounting! i think i need 'em

Last, spiritually
- I want to know more about Jesus, get the real relationship, so that He could guide me always....

See you in next year....
Which target'll I reach?
We'll see!