the Interview

Yes, after freshly graduated from university, the most important things we, fresh-gradueted usually think is about: future. Working, or maybe Studying again. And whatever next step we take, if we wanna join the new institution (either job or master degree), we'll meet this kind of step: interview.

For me, interview isn't the new thing in my life. I've passed this kind of step whenever i join an organization, comittee, or some part time job. I, sometimes, also be that interviewer, to recruit another comittee or even worker. So, somehow, i think i know the important part that we have to do in interview session. I've passed mine well, a month ago. I am officially accepted at Prasetiya Mulya Business School at Magister Management Reguler Program, batch 43. :D

And this week, is my besties' turn. One of them may follow my step, going to take master degree in Jakarta. Another one apply in some big company in hometown, and another one, also apply in some big company, but in Jakarta. :)
Again, for me, interview session is an interesting time. It's time for them to know me better, personally. And yea, you guys know, i love to share, anything about myself. Basically i'm an extrovert person, or even spoiler person! XD

I don't know how, is it because the HRD people usually someone who study psycologhy major, and has a great sense about human. But i found that some of them are having emotional moment while the interviewer asking about their personal stuffs. Well, basically, it's not that private. It should be a common topic, except you have a bad memories or problems in that topic. Friendship, families, (glad love stuffs not counted here :p).

And by that time, i realize. We, human, are basically so fragile, when experiencing bad stuffs about the people we love. The people around us.
Even the simple question like, "So tell me, How's your family?"
can be a veryyy hurting question to be answered.

Dearest besties, i don't know how can this moment can be so right.. so similar for each of you.
Thank you for sharing any of your personal moment with me.
Thank you for trusting me to be part of your hard times.
Even the world still turn around and trouble will still be our friend,
I promise, I try my best to be by your side.

I love you guys.
instead of our difference,
i will always be thankful, because i have you.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.